“UserHack” sprint

New self made #Mural template

Have you noticed that your users are not all the same? 😜 Different users have different daily challenges, goals & motivations. Understanding them will help you provide customized added value and engage them. In our journey we hack it, we discover what is the most impact full added value you can provide each type of your users. Hacking your users motivations & goals will help us define the key features we need to push out, adjust our messaging approach & design better customized user journeys, to drive full potential of your platform/service. We can hack it with the guideline of this self-made #Mural template in two sprint remote sessions.

Methodological flow:

👣 Step 1. INNER — OUTER Impact circles.

Place your Why’s, What’s, How’s & Values inside the circles. You should have a circle for each persona that you define.

Starting from the most ‘inner’ user with high permission usability level and expanding out to the ‘outer’ end user with lower permission usability level.

Use the sticky notes according to the color coding provided. Any ideas and thoughts that don’t find their place in the circular scheme can be placed on the right side -the “lost & found” area.

👣 Step 2. Motivations by Personas.

Move your Why’s, What’s, How’s & Values, that you have placed in the circles, to the circles above located in the persona card format. This flow will give you deeper understanding of your users challenges & goals. You will place the notes that explain what and how, you can do, in order to provide each user a true desirable added value.

👣 Step 3. Messaging.

Pick 6 main motivations or at least one for each persona, and write them down in the last linear view format . Then go ahead and translate them into a clear message on the right side of the board.

Use the linear order of the WHY > WHAT > HOW when building the messaging sentences. The sentences you’ll create will hold the key to your messaging approach, micro copy, tone of voice & personality of your future digital asset.



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Maya Shafir Aloni

Maya Shafir Aloni

Design Lead & Consultant. Helping teams design & communicate products to potential audience effectively. Together we create your new engaging digital assets.