HomeVentureJourney by Mishka

Your Journey Creating user Journeys

It is our commitment to our own journey that will draw our users journeys, experiences and our own performance.

So in order to create journeys we must first commit to step into a journey of our own.

In this journey we better not be alone, collaboration, reflection and being led are some important ingredients of the adventure .

A good journey starts by touching home base. Taking the time to re-validate our mission and its true desired impact. Reminding ourselves & aligning our team (our journey companions) by connecting once more to our most authentic reason why and our seed values.

Once our home base is anchored we can start hiking our first route together, seeking and defining the first landmark which is all about what it is we can actually do & who can it impact the most.

It is the very beginning of our HomeVenture Journey which lays the foundations of our upcoming and evolving strategy and which has a significant impact in defining our ability to future navigate.



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Maya Shafir Aloni

Maya Shafir Aloni

Design Lead & Consultant. Helping teams design & communicate products to potential audience effectively. Together we create your new engaging digital assets.