UXJourneyQuest#1 | WHY


A question I won’t ask my lover but must ask my client.

One effective advice I’ve adopted for my couple-hood is to switch the “Why” into “I”

So instead of asking “ Why did you do that? ”

I’ll say “ I would love it if you do it like that ”

This way I switch from using >

The other + past + blaming

to >

Myself + future + longing.

It always works bringing us one step closer to each other :)


when kicking off a professional relationship and leading a strategic design process the “why” is a precious fundamental question I don’t rush through. I Respect and invest in this initial stage, it defines the quality and focus of our upcoming strategic design process.

We’ll be looking for two why’s

The INNER why and The OUTER why.

The INNER WHY focuses on you. Why are you the one doing what you do. What’s your special traits and your super hero powers.

It is your fuel.

The OUTER WHY focuses on your impact in the outer world. It is influenced by your belief system, perspective, cultural & spiritual motivation that defines your mission.

It is your flame.

Defining your super powers and your mission is lighting up the fire that will keeps us warm, live and kicking through out our whole journey. It will also help us understand who can mostly gain value and who might your product or service impact the most, moving us forward into our next question and journey quest.

Stay tuned for our next journey milestone…



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Maya Shafir Aloni

Maya Shafir Aloni

Design Lead & Consultant. Helping teams design & communicate products to potential audience effectively. Together we create your new engaging digital assets.