HOW CAN YOU GET INSPIRED?🤔Increase Your Creative Skills


Inspiration can be tricky and elusive. It comes and goes randomly.

We wish for it to be just a little more stable and calm when we need to be creatively productive. Well here is a quick inspiration recruiting trick:

I can find Inspiration everywhere and anytime, because inspiration to me is a state of mind, state of gratitude and my gratitude is up to me.

So when I’m in search of inspiration the question I’ll ask myself is not “What will inspire me or where can I get inspired now?” but rather “what can help me trigger my gratitude sense now?” . The first question is passive, as if my surrounding is responsible for my amusement and inspiration. The second one is an active question based on taking responsibility to trigger positivity and gratefulness in any circumstances and unconditionally.

For me, for now, a walk outdoors is a gentle reminder of the beauty and wholeness I experience in life. I look around, highlight details and capture them in frames. I sense gratitude and easily get inspired. It’s then that Im ready to return to my creative work with productive creative flow .

What can trigger your gratitude everywhere, everyday, even now? write it here would love to find out !



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