Design Lead & Consultant. Helping teams design & communicate products to potential audience effectively. Together we create your new engaging digital assets.

Provision the process with:

☝🏽Knowledge >
Discovery, market research, referencing, differentiating, brain storming, branding, creative, storytelling, content characterization, persona mapping, user experience, design principals, architecture, wire-framing, user journeys flows, user testing.

✌🏽Tools >
Facilitation tools, collaborative design and planning platforms, collaborative management software, prototype tools, design tools

🤘🏽Manners >
Communication & soft skills: Positivity, responsibility, team work, leadership, problem solving, listening, sense of humor, time management, creative thinking

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New self made #Mural template

Have you noticed that your users are not all the same? 😜 Different users have different daily challenges, goals & motivations. Understanding them will help you provide customized added value and engage them. In our journey we hack it, we discover what is the most impact full added value you can provide each type of your users. Hacking your users motivations & goals will help us define the key features we need to push out, adjust our messaging approach & design better customized user journeys, to drive full potential of your platform/service. We can hack it with the guideline of this self-made #Mural template in two sprint remote sessions.

Methodological flow:

👣 Step 1. INNER — OUTER Impact circles.

Place your Why’s, What’s, How’s & Values inside the circles. You should have a circle for each persona that you define.

Starting from the most ‘inner’ user with high permission usability level and expanding out to the ‘outer’ end user with lower permission usability level.

Use the sticky notes according…


A question I won’t ask my lover but must ask my client.

One effective advice I’ve adopted for my couple-hood is to switch the “Why” into “I”

So instead of asking “ Why did you do that? ”

I’ll say “ I would love it if you do it like…

HomeVentureJourney by Mishka

It is our commitment to our own journey that will draw our users journeys, experiences and our own performance.

So in order to create journeys we must first commit to step into a journey of our own.

In this journey we better not be alone, collaboration, reflection and being led…

A positive significant experience is constructed from two opposed qualities ; the known and the unknown. A sense of home and a sense of an adventure. Together they provide a complete positive experience.We love feeling safe and to be familiar with our surrounding, but we are also curious creatures that are triggered to explore the unfamiliar, to develop, expand and sense new fresh experiences.This is one of my key principals when designing experiences:

Creating a safe & secure state in the midst of a new adventurous experience.

Home-Safe Elements Include:

  • Easy, immediate & direct navigation & orientation
  • Consistency and familiarity
  • Simplicity, clear hierarchy, readability & explicit logic
  • Sense of control

Adventurous Elements Include:

  • Story telling
  • Triggering Emotions by color, visuals & typography
  • Innovative, up to date and fresh design
  • Being led, surrender

HOW CAN YOU GET INSPIRED?🤔Increase Your Creative Skills


Inspiration can be tricky and elusive. It comes and goes randomly.

We wish for it to be just a little more stable and calm when we need to be creatively productive. Well here is a quick inspiration recruiting trick:


CAN YOU DROP THE CONTEXT? Creativity Practice, Increase Your Creative Skills



I gaze at a familiar landscape, I loose focus and blur it all up. I flip and turn it so it won’t make sense and then I just do it, I drop context.

When focus returns I see nude forms and fresh relations.

Im free of my own self-adopted pattern of sight and thought. My social, political, mental, emotional, psychological patterns.

Now innate, neutral and nude qualities arise and creativity hops in to PLAY!

Textures, colors, patterns, forms, shapes, borders, blends, contrasts, similarities all celebrate and spark my experience. LUNA PARK🎡.

It’s then I can gently land back to our elusive world of constraints vs. opportunities. World of context.

On Photography & Self-Improvement

Every morning I go out into the open spaces. The fields | The cliffs | The beach | The nature reserve.

Every morning (almost) for three years now.

It is a decision I consciously made, and which stemmed from a deep-seated desire for change. The decision hung over me through…

Maya Shafir Aloni

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