Get to know each other — align
Professional development overview through achievements and goals
State & prioritize our future goals

We do it in 4 steps:
1 👉🏽 Done + Wish to do on past present & future
2 👉🏽 Time crossing achievements — past | present | future
3 👉🏽 Focus on your wishlist
4 👉🏽 Prioritize wishlist on time line

Vision 👁> Mission 🏳️> Strategy 🎯> Create & Build 💪🏿> Maintain workflow🐝

This is an overlook of the five 🖐🏽circular 💫stages of development and growth we work on in our HubeeDubee ‘Focus’ sessions.

In the first part of the ‘Orientation Session’ we discuss the big picture of the whole development process and it’s circular nature.
We also understand what skills we’ll need to practice and focus on in each stage of the process.

… TBC stay tuned.

Leading design process holds the role of aligning management, development and marketing team players to a set of unified, communicated and prioritized goals, driving the team to its full collaborative work flow potential.

Provision the process with:

☝🏽Knowledge >
Discovery, market research, referencing, differentiating, brain storming, branding, creative, storytelling, content characterization, persona mapping, user experience, design principals, architecture, wire-framing, user journeys flows, user testing.

✌🏽Tools >
Facilitation tools, collaborative design and planning platforms, collaborative management software, prototype tools, design tools

🤘🏽Manners >
Communication & soft skills: Positivity, responsibility, team work, leadership, problem solving, listening, sense of humor, time management, creative thinking

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Maya Shafir Aloni

Maya Shafir Aloni

Design Lead & Consultant. Helping teams design & communicate products to potential audience effectively. Together we create your new engaging digital assets.