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Design Lead & Consultant. Helping teams design & communicate products to potential audience effectively. Together we create your new engaging digital assets.

Leading design process holds the role of aligning management, development and marketing team players to a set of unified, communicated and prioritized goals, driving the team to its full collaborative work flow potential.

New self made #Mural template

Have you noticed that your users are not all the same? 😜 Different users have different daily challenges, goals & motivations. Understanding them will help you provide customized added value and engage them. In our journey we hack it, we discover what is the most impact full added value you can provide each type of your users. Hacking your users motivations & goals will help us define the key features we need to push out, adjust our messaging approach & design better customized user journeys, to drive full potential of your platform/service. We can hack it with the guideline of this self-made #Mural template in two sprint remote sessions.

Methodological flow:

👣 Step 1. INNER — OUTER Impact circles.

👣 Step 2. Motivations by Personas.



HomeVentureJourney by Mishka

  • Easy, immediate & direct navigation & orientation
  • Consistency and familiarity
  • Simplicity, clear hierarchy, readability & explicit logic
  • Sense of control
  • Story telling
  • Triggering Emotions by color, visuals & typography
  • Innovative, up to date and fresh design
  • Being led, surrender

On Photography & Self-Improvement

Maya Shafir Aloni

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